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Hi, we are Robin and Fiona Wallace and we are delighted to welcome you to Bengairn Country Lodges, on our home farm of Mains of Collin.

We have farmed here since 1990, firstly when Robin was Farm Manager, then as tenant farmers for 20 years until in 2013, we got the most wonderful opportunity to buy our farm and our home. We can honestly say that we don’t want to live anywhere else in the world and we hope that our lodges bring you a little bit of the comfort and peace that we consider Mains of Collin to have.

We have 2 sons, Blair and Finlay. Finlay works with us at home, so you may see him on your travels. Blair works and lives in North Yorkshire but is a great help when he comes home so you may also spot him around at times.

Farm work and the Lodges keep us all busy, but when time allows Robin and I love cycling, walking and a good book! We both enjoy travel, and I enjoy cooking and baking, while Robin just loves working his dogs and bringing out quality sheep and cattle.

The Lodge project was first thought about in 2018. Desperate to ‘quit the commute’ to my Civil Service job and with Brexit pending we started looking for ways to diversify and keep me at home! There were many opinions and options, but I eventually managed to convince the family that 5 star holiday accommodation at the edge of the loch was going to be our new venture. In September 2019 we cleared the loch of much of the weed and rush that had accumulated over the last 100 years since it was first developed as a curling loch for the former owners of the Estate. Expanding the amount of open water has had a positive impact on the diversity of the loch and it has stimulated the variety of bird species we see now on a daily basis. Development of the park was tricky through the pandemic, but we are now delighted to be welcoming guests to Rowan, Holly and Hazel at Bengairn Country Lodges. We have our 4th and final lodge pending delivery at the end of the year.

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